History-Story of Chhath Puja or Surya Shashti

Chhath, Dala Chhath or Surya Shashti is the Hindu festival celebrated mostly in the eastern region of the India. It is celebrated to thank the Lord Surya for bestowing the bounties of life on earth by offering aragh to the Sun. It is to be believed that to worship the sun cures many disease like leprosy. chhath puja festival story

The festival of Chhath is divided into four days including Nahay Khay, Kharna, Chhath and Paarun. It is mainly observed in the eastern region of India like Bihar, Jharkhand, and Uttar Pradesh. Due to the migrants it is also observed in the different parts of the country like Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Chandigarh, and Delhi.

According to the name Chhath it is observed on the sixth day of the month Kartik. Chhath festival begins before two days Kartik Shashti and ends after the day of Kartik Shashti.  It is believed that Shakya Dwipi Brahmins were expertise in worshipping Lord Sun. Once they were invited by some Kings to worship the Lord Sun. chhath puja festival story

It is also believed that Chhath was started with the hands of Kunti. With the blessings of Lord Surya, she had a son named Karna. He is also known as Son of Surya or Surya Putra Karan. He ruled Anga Desh during Mahabharat age which is now the Bhagalpur region of Bihar in India. It is believed that Draupadi with the rulers of Hastinapur Pandavas performed Chhath later they received their lost kingdom.

जानिए मात्र 4 घंटे में कोलेस्ट्रॉल कम कैसे करें

Before the festive days the local markets put on display Chhath Puja Samagri like worshipping plate, diyas, soops, important items offers during worship like coconut, sugarcane etc. On the first day of Chhath which is also called Nahay Khay, generally they do bath and eat. It is also believed that while eating if there would any sound then the devotee should stop eating as it is the purest festival of Bihar and eastern India.

The next most important day is Chhath in which the crowd of devotees can be seen easily at the banks river, there they offer and pray to the Lord Surya in which half of the body should be dipped into the water and the soop should be on hands. Devotees offer and pray at the time of sunrise in the early morning and before sunset in the early evening. After the Chhath day, the last day is Paarun in which they meet their relative ones, neighbor hoods and offer Prasad to them. chhath puja festival story

On the Occasion of Surya Shashthi, devotees also worship the goddess Chhathi maiya.You can see lots of Pandals and Statues of the goddess Chhathi Maiya. On the final day, they offer the statue to sink in the river It is believed that the next year Chhathi Maiya will also come and bless us. history and story Chhath Puja or Surya Shashti 2016

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