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Hindu mythology

Hindu mythology related to Hinduism Vedas, Puranas and large collection of scriptures details. Hindu

mythology story Ramayana, Mahabharata, Puranas and including many works of the Tamil Sangam

literature is specified. Nepali culture is an integral part of the Indian thereof. The block inherent in the

diverse traditions of Hindu mythology story which individuals, communities, provinces, has the historical

details. Rig Veda which is born from the Vedic period, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda Athwarved and Hinduism

in the context of the Vedas have been submitted. Some of the revisions described in the sacred Vedas,

which is similar to the modern scientific principles.

History and mythology

Ramayana and Mahabharata Hindu religious epic which two incarnations of Lord Vishnu, Lord Rama

and Krishna story of two tells and shows the history of these two epic Treta and Dwapara. Ramayana

and Mahabharata with scripture texts in both ethics and philosophy of religion treasure. These two have

been submitted by great epic and different case which we offer several short stories is. The most

important chapter of the epic Mahabharata, Lord Krishna was presented by Lord Sri Krishna in the

Bhagavad Gita, which exhorted Arjuna during the Mahabharata war against religion in this world,

actions and knowledge of righteousness was presented. Era is created in two separate great epic.

Valmiki wrote Ramayana epic Minister seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu which Treta Yuga had

described in detail the story of Lord Rama. Veda Vyasa composed the Mahabharata epic era Dwaparyug

the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, which had described the story of Lord Krishna is presented.

Vedas, mythology and iconography according to which the age of 4 is considered the Golden Age,

Tretayug, Dwaparyug and is Kaliyug. In legend, the poetry which is not contained in great epic we offer

through the Hindu mythology. Origin of the universe in which, several goddesses, deity, demon,

monster, nymph, gandharvas great person and operations of the adventurous life story is a story written

offer. Bhagavad Purana, which is the most common and unread mythology incarnations of Lord Vishnu,

the Hindu mythological narratives we story to remain present in the link. The Rig Veda shows us about

the origin of the universe. Deity the different organs of a divine man sacrificed universe all the animals

and led to the creation of the human race. In the legend, the boar incarnation of Vishnu told the origin

of the earth and in the universe is thought to have been Satapatha etc. When he was alone at the time

when the Creator himself as the husband and wife had split. Their relationship with the Creator as

adultery wife and their love for the loop to be safe to assume the form of various animals as husband

and wife also followed and thus led to the creation of the universe. In the Vedas and Puranas, Brahma,

Vishnu and Shiva as the creator of the universe, has been considered maker and destructors. While it

has created by Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu, the protector God shiva is destruction for the next


Nature of time

According to Hindu mythology, the universe is eternal time excursion in rounds. According to Hindu

mythology story per manvantar period is more than 100 years, and this period is subject to changes in

the world.Currently we human beings in the seventh manvantar which the parent is Manu. It is

envisaged that each and every manvantar 71 great era. Great era is divided into four Era the golden age,

Treta, Dwapara and Kaliyug respectively whose period 4800, 3600, 2400, 1200 years is like God. In each

era, morality, purity, valor, capacity, life span and are pleasures downfall. According to Hindu

mythology, this time in the Kali Yuga, which started 3102 years ago and this year is considered the

period of the Mahabharata war. According to our Hindu mythological story end of Kali Yuga, which of

the following reasons would be the end of religious practices, Varnsnkrta, disdain of goddesses deity,

another major religion is ruled by other part of ruler . So we have religion in promoting our religion so

people should be awakened in this context. Our aim is to prevent the loss of religion will collapse and

social areas which we join people of goodwill and respect for the Hindu religion is trying to maintain.

Hindu Devgan


Lord Vishnu is believed to be the guardian of the human race which in its four sides, shell, circle, Gada

and Padma is holding. Lord Vishnu in the Rig Veda period were presented as minor, but in the later

Vedic period before Earth Bgvwan Vishnu appeared as part of the Trinity. Followers of Lord Vishnu

called Vaishnavism. Including the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu is the fishery, Kurma, Varaha, Vamana,

Narasimha, Parasurama, Rama, Krishna, Buddha and Kalki is.


Who worship Lord Shiva is called Shaiva community .Since the creation of the god Shiva the destroyer

for origin known as the destructor. Shaiva community who worship Lord Shiva is worshiped as the Shiva

linga. Lord Shiva is the ancient name Rudra is the ancient name of Lord Shiva.


Divine power of their male counterparts, the inter-power and force IS called goddesses. Goddesses wife

of Lord Shiva goddesses is seen as direct as the other side mahadevi organisms serve as the power of the

goddess of the universe, consciousness and activism is the source of the ground-up. Goddess Parvati,

Shiva, Lakshmi and Saraswati, Brahma Vishnu duties as a mother and all loco is living the good work.

Hindu mythology reference

Hindu mythology harvest of creation, human society and their lives, the natural and divine events and

receive information about sorcery. Hindu culture and society has existed since ancient times, stories

about the detail is present. But times have changed religion and society today is focused on the

legendary imagination. We offer the legendary tale is that, by story the family collected and can be run

regularly. Many such small things in the family is emerging which can be solved through Hindu

mythology story. Hindu mythological story read and assimilate them into your life to the welfare of the

human race may be.

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