History and full story of Baba Vaidyanath Dham Devghar


Baba vaidnath dham is top most ling in all the other twelve jyotiling present in the whole universe. its is also know as baba dham  & located in a holy place dhavdhar distric of jharkhand state in India.  They have been worship & famous for not only the top most ling but also for the top ling in all the other fiftyone ling. Pyre land dwelling place because it is considered a center of attraction for the whole universe. Bhole Baba’s blessing was brought here by Ravana and the inhen Ravneshwar mahadev is also famous name for them.

Bhole Nath Lord Shiva devotee Ravan great Treta to come & give him blessing for that Ravan has cut down his head to pay Lord Shiva. Ravan has successfully make the lord shiva happy &  shiva is ready to give him a blessing.  RAvan has ask lord shiva to came to lanka with him. then Lord Shiva has provided jyotyling to ravan & also instruct ravan not to put down the ling any where, if its happen then the ling will we permanently sattle there only.

There was outcry among the gods. At the instance of Ravana by Lord Vishnu, Goddess Parvati then asked to rinse off. at the time of ainse off the lord varon dev goes inside the stomach of the Ravan… for reason ravan goes for the urine very badly.  Ravana luckly find the place where Sati had fallen Hriddy reached there when Ravana saw a shepherd. he ask the shepherd to take the shivling & instruct him not to put down the ling  on the ground. But the ravan have taken the long time in doing urine. shepherd which was a lord vishnu has put down the shivling on the ground & have vanished.

it is also said that ravan have punch on it to make a pond there. that pond is also located in the frame of shiv gangain Baidyanath temple of Goddess Parvati Temple and vaidyanath temple tie up from the clothes. Well, this happen for the whole year but it wan mainly engages at the time of shiv ratri. In the courtyard of the temple there was many god & godess temple was established there.  the ancient statues of the divine is kept there. For the far away also many people would like to came & have a worshpl there.

In the month of Sawan Sultanganj people from entire world ranging from Bhagalpur in Bihar to Uttar Ganga to take Kanvd from there to babadham. mostly in the month of savan there was an fair held, which lasts at Navratri. Devotees pay obeisance punishment, Kanvd, and the devotion of ordinary Kabar sing and dance throught out of there journey. After traveling 105 kilometers they arrive to Vaidhnathdham. there was only the half of the revolution,people dont take the kabar they use to take the secrat water from the Chandrakup & tribute to the shiv ling. History and full story of Baba Vaidyanath Dham Devghar

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